Hi there. I'm excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Good Eggs on video(s). We have tons of options of how we can approach production and style, and I look forward to finding something that makes sense for everyone. Budget is obviously our main limiting factor, but I always say our greatest creative ideas come when there are limitations. I have a few examples below to start our conversation. We can mix and match style and approach along with original creative ideas to come to a place where you all get great looking content that meets your goals. 

Below is a series of videos we recorded over one day in a studio we built within our client's office space. These are clean, clear, direct and affordable given the short production time and authentic, one-take delivery of each cut. This gives an opportunity to create a mashup of all interviews in a longer piece and cut shorter, :15-:30 pieces for social, etc... Given that you will be featuring products, and your brand approach has leaned toward the lifestyle look and feel, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this look, but the production approach is something we should explore to keep budget down. Production cost would hover around $5k for the shoot day. A longer, 2min edit would be close to $3000, and we can cut and polish a bunch of the :15-:30 pieces for somewhere between $250-$750--price lowers and number of edits increases. 

The examples below are more commercial and closer in alignment with your branding. While budget for these are beyond what we have discussed ($20k and up), we can draw from these examples stylistically to find a replicable look and feel. As we discussed on the phone, we can use multiple subjects in a single location engaging with many products in one production day. Maybe one product is featured as a delivery, one is being used in a kitchen, one is at a dining room table, one is in a breakfast nook, etc... With ample pre-production planning, we can shoot for around 6-10 products in a given production day, then edit each piece individually with consistent structure, look and feel. Depending on production details, we're looking at roughly $5k-$7k for a production day and roughly $2k-$3k per edit for 3 rounds of review and final delivery on a :30-1min piece.