Thanks for considering us for your upcoming project! With the goal of making a short video that will introduce viewers to BOLT's work and environment, we have a few options for how to approach this project. Overall, we suggest painting broad strokes of BOLT's environment as keeping the message simple and digestible to the audience is important. Imagery should be beautiful but also honest. As we establish BOLT as an innovative investment firm, we also want to keep our piece relatable to our audience to evoke an emotional connection with the viewer that will encourage them to engage with the rest of the website. Below are a few examples of approaches we can take. 

San Francisco Business Portal

We paint a picture of entrepreneurs in their natural environment while demonstrating the variety of businesses that could benefit from our client's services. We captured our narration in an interview format to keep ideas authentic and emotional. 

Approximate Budget: $25k


This example paints a picture of a virtual office environment. It gives the viewer a strong sense of the company's culture along with innovative approach to solving business problems. We scripted and storyboard the video and shot it over several days around the Bay Area. 

Approximate Budget: $30k (Can trim to $15k with one day shoot)

Aspen Institute New Voices

This piece introduces a program with broad goals by inviting the viewer into the world of 3 of its many initiatives. We do more "showing" than "telling" of the ultimate program goals to keep the verbal message simple while the images speak to the communities and issues the program serves. 

Approximate Budget (minus travel): $35k

First Place

In this example, we tap into human expression as a way to relate to a much larger issue. With the straight to camera delivery, the speakers connect directly with the audience and give authentic unscripted answers to how/why they are connect to the subject. 

Approximate Budget: $15k

We can take elements from the above examples and incorporate them into one piece. Productions values do benefit from increased budgets, but in like manner, we can also work with you to bring costs down if necessary. 


Brick Film will be with you through the entire process of the production:
    Script -     We will work together on the copywriting for our script and our visual story boarding

    Pre-production - We handle all the production scheduling and logistics. 

    Shoot -     We will set up and execute each shoot.

    Edit -     We will edit the footage, and source music and any voiceovers in our edit suite.      

    Review- We will provide rough cuts, and go through 3 rounds of edits with you to  ensure the film has been executed to it’s full potential. 

    Polish - Color grading will be done in a separate post house after picture is locked.

    Deliver-     We will compress to any video format required for the internet and provide an uncompressed copy via the internet or hard drive.  

Why Brick Film?

    We are known for our modern, visually striking style, that pushes an intimate connection with social and environmental issues.  We are storytellers who believe viewers want to engage with a video that is moving in a way that is relatable, fresh and clear.  Attention spans are short and a film must stand out to maintain interest.  It is in everyone’s interest to bring such a film to fruition.

    We have produced hundreds of films in the Bay Area, across the country, and overseas.  We work with our lean and nimble crew so we can deliver a final product that far exceeds the budget for any given project.  We have developed our team of well rounded filmmakers to function as a collaborative crew, providing the right amount of horsepower while keeping sets intimate and adaptive.